Ponchita Peligros

Ponchita Peligros is a wicked Spanish female deejay. She started her musical career as Saxo player with some Spanish Reggae bands .

Ponchita Peligros started to sing as a Soundsystem Deejay with Supah Frans on 2007. Later, she played with sounds like Mungos Hi-Fi, Creation Culture, Stalawa Sound, Soundkilla Warriors….

She realesed her first solo album on 2008 called “Echomotion – Love inna dance” including tunes like “Ring again”, “Weed combination” featuring Hermano L or Run away from me” featuring The Upsttemians Reggae band.

After some time of inactivity she come back to the Reggae scene with the tune called “Come in a this” featurnig Parly B and produced by Riddim Tuffa. After two more tunes with Riddim Tuffa called “Musical Iration” and “Musical Attack” featuring Lasai (Booth recorded at Jump & Prance Studio).

The first 7″ was released by Scotch Bonnet Records and produced by Stalawa Sound. The tune was called “Rock and come in” and some month ago was totally sold out. The second 7″ was distributed too by Scotch Bonnet Records too and produced by Stalawa Sound but the release was done by Foregin Mind Label.

This Jenaury she release an EP with Interrupt called “International Affair” recorded too at Jump and Prance Studio.

On April of 2015 she release her first release with Dub Smugglers called “Once in a lifetime” (recorded at Jump and prance Studio) and more tunes coming soon!



  • +0034 – 648197370
  • jumpandprance@gmail.com

Ponchita Peligros Links:

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